Students from the United States and Japan will meet through Skype for the first time on Friday September 14 @ 5pm (US) and Saturday September 15 @ 8am (JPN).

American Students from Lakeridge Jr. High and Japanese Students from Jiyu Gakuen High School will meet via Skype to begin their collaboration on an international Peace Project. "Think Globally Act Locally"

An informational meeting for the American students will be held on Thursday September 13 during FLEX.

Jiyu Gakuen in the news:
The New York Times
Japanese Free Education
Education in Japan
Some pictures I took from the San Francisco joint conference are on the homepage. If you have any photos you would like to add, please send them to me. Or if you have any photos you would like me to remove, please let me know.

Meeting everyone was a wonderful experience, I have learned so much from everyone and am excited to learn so much more in Japan.
私がサンフランシスコの共同の会議から取った何枚かの絵〔写真/映画〕がホームページにあります。 もし加えることを望んでいる写真を持っていれば、私にそれらを送ってください。 あるいはもし私が取り除くのを望んでいる写真を持っていれば、私に知らせてください。


Welcome to The Peace Project 平和プロジェクトへようこそ
Welcome to The Peace Project. This is a blog for you to share about yourself and learn about students from another country, you will also learn more about your own classmates.

We would like for you to post basic information about yourself such as:
  • A day in your life
  • Your community service
  • What life is like in your country
Please tell your story through pictures, videos and short stories.

This is a password protected blog, so only participating students will have access.

Any unauthorized use of this website and the information posted will be punished.








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    We have come together as international teachers to help you learn more about sustainable development and international relations.


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